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    Our Services - Charisha

    Recruitment Services of Foreign Domestic Workers

    Charisha does recruitment drives from Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar which are approved sources by Ministry of Manpower(MOM) for deployment.

    Agency Services for the Placement of Foreign Domestic Workers

    Medical Examination

    FDW will be required to go for medical check-up upon arrival to Singapore and every 6 months to screen for infectious diseases and pregnancies. The medical will be performed by a registered medical practitioner.

    Professional Counseling

    Charisha provides a dispute mechanism between both parties should they require it.

    Free Consultation

    Charisha provides consultation services to both our new clients who wish to take a helper from us.


    Providing FDW with basic household chores and cooking skills in order to prepare them for the duration of their employment.

    Waiver of Security Bond

    This Reimbursement of indemnity policy will reimburse employer $5k security bond if the bond is to be forfeited by MOM if the FDW runaway with no excuse. This policy will include extra coverage such as accidental death benefit for employer, building coverage against fire, worldwide purchase protection benefit and loss or damage to frozen food due to breakdown of refrigerator.

    Comprehensive Maids Insurance Coverage

    Charisha will assists in purchasing the minimum insurance coverage of $10k required by MOM for FDW Accidental and Permanent Disability. Employer can upgrade to an comprehensive insurance coverage at a reasonable rate because it is employer responsibility to undertake the costs of her medical treatment during her employment in Singapore.

    Settling –In-Programme (SIP)

    Effective from 1st May 2012, all first-time FDWs are required to attend the SIP before starting work within the first three days of their arrival as this is a mandatory requirement set out by Ministry of Manpower(MOM). Charisha will assist in ensuring the registrations of FDW for the SIP within the stipulated time frame.

    Direct Hire

    Providing services in assisting the employer to bring their own sourced FDW into Singapore according to the work permit regulations stipulated by Ministry of Manpower(MOM).

    Transportation Services

    Arrival Pick-up & Departure send off

    Providing the service of receiving the FDW on arrival in Singapore or the purpose of disembarkation from Singapore of the respective FDWs.

    Liaison with Embassies

    Verification of standard employment contracts of FDW by their home embassies such as Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka , India and Myanmar. Additionally we also do applications for home leave and passport renewal services for FDW.

    Work Permit Application Services

    Work Permit Application

    Advising and assisting clients on the different types of work permit applications based on their requirement such as sponsorship application, joint application, fixed deposit schemes and etc.


    Facilitating the work permit issuance and finger printing process.


    Assisting clients in cancellation of FDW’s work permit.


    Aiding clients in renewing their current FDWs work permit beyond the 2 year duration.