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    Always ensure that your FDW works safely

    on 06 Oct 2017

    Did you know an Employer can be fined up to $10,000 and/or imprisoned up to 12 months if they fail to ensure the work safety of their FDWs ?

    Although FDWs are taught at the one-day Settling-In Programme (SIP) the proper way to work especially when cleaning windows and hanging laundry, it is still the employer’s responsibility that the training is put into use.

    Employers have to be mindful that many of the first-time FDWs to Singapore may have not worked in a highraised building so both the Ministry of Manpower and Charisha Employment Agencies like to seek employer’s assistance to remind their FDWs to always perform their work safely and implement the safety guidelines taught at the SIP and Employers Orientation Programme.

    Attached below is an article from Ministry of Manpower advising Employers on how to ensure that their FDW practises the safety guidelines.

    safety is Paramount


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